A video tutorial on R programming – The essentials

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Here is a my video tutorial on R programming – The essentials. This tutorial is meant for those who would like to learn R, for R beginners or for those who would like to get a quick start on R. This tutorial tries to focus on those main functions that any R programmer is likely to use often rather than trying to cover every aspect of R with all its subtleties. You can clone the R tutorial used in this video along with the powerpoint presentation from Github. For this you will have to install Git on your laptop After you have installed Git you should be able to clone this repository and then try the functions out yourself in RStudio. Make your own variations to the functions, as you familiarize yourself with R.

git clone https://github.com/tvganesh/R-Programming-.git
Take a look at the video tutorial R programming – The essentials

You could supplement the video by reading on these topics. This tutorial will give you enough momentum for a relatively short take-off into the R. So good luck on your R journey

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